Case Studies
Acme Glass

How Webfield Helped Acme Glass find more customers with a website that showcases their products and services

About Bright Care Homes

Acme Glass, situated in Fairfield, California, has been serving Solano County and neighboring areas since 1968. It's a family-owned and operated glass shop that upholds business principles rooted in core values, integrity, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Webfield answered all of our questions and responded quickly.

The Challenge

Acme Glass sought a fast, modern, responsive website where customers could readily access information about their products and services. We immediately took on the task and excelled. Their requirement for a swift, high-ranking site was swiftly met.

I anticipated a lengthy process in designing a new webpage. I was pleasantly surprised.

images of glass installation examples

The Solution

Webfield designed an eye-catching website perfectly aligned with Acme Glass and their brand. Ensuring speed and on-page SEO for Google visibility, we integrated a blog system to maintain fresh content, driving increased traffic. Additionally, we ensured ADA compliance for web accessibility standards, catering to all users.

The Result

The launch of this site for Acme Glass went flawlessly, delighting them beyond expectation. Customers easily found their products and services across all devices. The final product was a resounding success, consistently scoring 96+ in Google PageSpeed, leading to amplified SEO and heightened web traffic.