Case Studies
Bright Care Homes

How Webfield Helped Bright Care Homes connect the senior living community to their website with a simple and easy to use design

About Bright Care Homes

Bright Care Homes are staff-operated 24/7 residential care facilities for adults and the elderly, located in Solano County and San Diego County. These homes are designed to accommodate both ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals and are licensed by the California Department of Social Services-Community Care Licensing Division.

Webfield was a pleasure to work with!

The Challenge

Bright Care Homes approached Webfield Design seeking a modern, clean design to showcase their work. They aimed for a user-friendly platform where customers could easily view all their properties. Additionally, they required online accessibility for downloading various forms. The owner also requested a dedicated domain email, and we set up a Gmail account with their business domain.

The Solution

We immediately began crafting a site that incorporated all their needs. Through collaborative efforts, we refined the design, creating property pages with galleries for users to browse related images easily. We established a simple method for form uploads and provided a hosting and maintenance package that aligned with their budget.

The Result

Since partnering with Webfield, the website has functioned flawlessly. Customers have reported a seamless experience while accessing all the information on the site, contributing to a significantly improved user experience.