Case Studies
Knubis Music

How Webfield Design showcased background music from popular shows like Money Heist on Netflix?


About Knubis Music

Imagine you're a solo musician seeking to showcase all your music through a simplistic and attractive design that would captivate some of the largest media producers in the business. Webfield has crafted a solution allowing the music to play seamlessly, with controls enabling play, pause, and track navigation.

Webfield was so easy to work with.

The Challenge

Jess Knubis has been a designer for over 25 years, so he knew what you wanted. Every detail was important in getting the perfect design. Transforming his design file into a real functioning website that was mobile responsive, yet had all the functionality of listening to music, was another story. That’s where Webfield jumped in and made his vision a reality.

The music player will be critical. M4a or .wav? Mp3s won’t cut .


The Solution

We curated the finest elements from the original website and seamlessly integrated them into a sleek and simple design. Music leaders can come to the site sample his music and see if this is the right music for their hit show.

The Result

At launch, we realized that WordPress wasn't the right tool for this project with its current hosting provider. So, we leaped into action and went old school with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We adopted the 'keep it simple' method, creating a maintenance-free website that proved to be the perfect solution. It seamlessly worked with the current hosting provider and performed excellently!"

Looking very good.