Case Studies
MBM Corp

How Webfield MBM Connects Hundreds of Customers to Dealers Through a Seamless App, Creating a User-Friendly Experience

About MBM Corp

MBM Corporation, based in Charleston, South Carolina, specializes in supplying top-tier office equipment like Destroyit shredders, Aerocut digital finishing systems, and Triumph cutters. They're known for delivering high-quality tools that businesses rely on for document shredding, finishing tasks, and precise cutting needs.

Webfield was a pleasure to work with!

The Challenge

MBM had been grappling with a slow site for years. When the sales team was in the field, they encountered difficulty using the site efficiently. They required a fast, mobile-responsive site that would load quickly on any network. Additionally, they needed an app for dealers and a simple method to add their dealers to a Google Map for user accessibility. Customers struggled to find product information while navigating the website. They also needed a way for a blazing fast search that customers could you to find products.

The Solution

This is where we intervened, connecting a Google spreadsheet to automatically populate these dealers on Google Maps. The simplicity amazed them: by editing a Google spreadsheet, the information instantly appeared on Google Maps. Furthermore, the system identifies the user's location and displays nearby dealers. It allows filtering by location radius and product type. We also implemented a lightning-fast search function throughout their entire catalog, making browsing a breeze.

The Result

Since partnering with Webfield, the site operates at a faster pace, greatly enhancing the user experience. Customers and employees can now easily search for and showcase products. The site consistently scores 96+ in Google PageSpeed, leading to improved SEO and increased web traffic.

The Dealer Located worked like Magic